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Worldvisitguide > Charles Émile Auguste Durand (Carolus-Duran)
Charles Émile Auguste Durand (Carolus-Duran)
Charles Émile Auguste Durand (Carolus-Duran)
Born in : Lille - 1837 / Dead in : Paris, 1917
Carolus-Duran, the name adopted by the French painter Charles Auguste Émile Durand. He studied at the Lille Academy and then at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and in 1861 to Italy and Spain for further study, especially devoting himself to the pictures of Velázquez.

His subject picture "Murdered," or "The Assassination" (1866), was one of his first successes, and is now in the Lille museum, but he became best known afterwards as a portrait-painter, and as the head of one of the principal ateliers in Paris, where some of the most brilliant artists of a later generation were his pupils. His "Lady with the Glove" (1869), a portrait of his own wife, was bought for the Luxembourg Museum in Paris. In 1889 he was made a commander of the Legion of Honour. He became a member of the Academie des Beaux-arts in 1904, and in the next year was appointed director of the French academy at Rome in succession to Eugène Guillaume.

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Friend of Louise Abbéma, Edouard Manet, Ignace-Henri-Jean-Théodore Fantin-Latour and Jean-Désiré-Gustave Courbet
Students included Maximilien Luce, Takeji Fujishima and John Singer Sargent
National Museum of Western Art (NMWA) - Tokyo
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Charles Émile Auguste Durand

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Charles Émile Auguste Durand
Charles Émile Auguste Durand
Louise Abbéma
Edouard Manet
Ignace-Henri-Jean-Théodore Fantin-Latour
Jean-Désiré-Gustave Courbet
Maximilien Luce
Takeji Fujishima
John Singer Sargent