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Date : approx. between 1520 and 1525

Sizes : 53 cm x 92 cm
Material : Oil painting on wood
Acquisition : Purchase (1965)
National Gallery - London
Siena and Perugia
Sainsbury Wing
First Floor - Section 60
Item 9 on 13
Italian Painting

Area related
Siena (Italy)


Marcia was the wife of Cato, but she dutifully consented to his decision to give her to his friend Hortensius. After Hortensius' death, she returned to Cato. These episodes are succinctly recorded in Latin on the tablet. This painting and "Tanaquil" (displayed nearby) formed part of a series of picture of heroines from ancient history, made for a palace in Siena.

.ME CATO COGNOVIT VIR MOX HORTENSIVS ALTER./ DEINDE CATONIS EGO MARTIA NVPTA FVI. [Cato was my husband, then Hortensius; then I, Marcia, wed Cato again].

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National Gallery :
Siena and Perugia
Thème mythologique
Domenico Mecarino
Sizes : 92 cm x 53 cm
approx. from 1520 to 1525
Domenico Mecarino (Beccafumi)