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   Turkey > Istanbul > Palace of Topkapi > Grand Kiosk
Grand Kiosk
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Grand Kiosk
Mecidiye Köskü
Section 23 on 26

Palace of Topkapi
Outdoor Architecture

Periode : 1840
Sponsor : Abdülmecit
Area related : Istanbul

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The Grand Kiosk, also known as the Mecidiye Kiosk, Grand Pavilion or Kiosk of Abdül Mecid I (Mecidiye Köşkü), built in 1840, was the last significant addition to the palace, along with the neighbouring Wardrobe Chamber (Esvap Odası).

Both were built on the orders of Sultan Abdül Mecid I as an imperial reception and resting place because of its splendid location, giving a panoramic view on the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus. The sultans would stay here whenever they visited Topkapi from their seaside palaces. These constructions were erected on the vaulted basement of another kiosk dating from the 15th century. The architect Sarkis Balyan constructed it in an eclectic Europeanized style, mixed with traditional Ottoman style. Inside it is furnished in the Empire style. The two buildings were also used occasionally to accommodate foreign guests.
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Grand Kiosk